I was unable

I was unable In ancient Greece, the Spartans lived whose children both in summer and winter, went barefoot.

I was unable to see any baby wrapped and in the hands of the Madonna, and numerous images that have left us artists of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

And in the animal world? Scientists in Yugoslavia set up an experiment with female rats on the eve of the appearance of their offspring.

Rats were released in a long corridor along the sides of which are the cells in each of which the air conditioning to maintain certain temperature: 0, plus 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

After all rats characteristic initial exploration (each necessarily visited all the rooms and not one time), they gradually began to take away a bunch of rags and straw bag cook for themselves nests.

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There prevailed

There prevailed There prevailed a mother and her very rigid system of good and bad, and children had to adapt to what they are willing or not.

Of course, a lot could be said in favor of peace and order, if it can be achieved without undue delay in the development of the child's spontaneity.

We always have to remember that there are a variety of parents and children are very different and, on this basis, we can discuss the different variations, not est.

e Comparing one as good and others as bad.

But do not you think that it is extremely ITY, in one way or another, are usually a sign that something wrong somewhere? Parents often say that in Victorian days it was much easier, child sent to the nursery and no one thought entered anyway, that it strengthens or undermines his sanity.

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If this advanced

If this advanced In Moscow, prices range from 500 to 1500 rubles per visit .

If a pediatrician is an outpatient , it usually costs less.

If this advanced expert with extensive practice , his services will cost more.

I'll tell you how I did.

My daughter watching two doctors : one from the clinic , the other advanced .

I pay for both private visits .

As a result, I have a good mind and the Soviet school , and the opinion of the young specialist with knowledge of modern pediatrics .

The picture that is emerging from the tips of two specialists , in my opinion , the most complete and objective .

Chapter 5 development development parameters I present these data only for moms who like to check a fit if their child's development in the conventional parameters? And for moms who just want to have a maximum of information about how much the baby weighs much eats , etc.

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Such awareness

Such awareness Some scientists say what they think, even inanimate objects.

But if the latter is debatable, the first completely proven facts.

But a person thinks in a special way, otherwise, than a cat or a dog, or a deer.

He thinks, realizing that what he thinks.

Realize that means it clearly understood to represent you in this moment think.

Such awareness we need to all the time we could ensure that we perceive something that is know and understand how something to motivate.

And if we learn when we try to engage such knowledge, rather than trying to remember something or understand it much more useful for our study.

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Yes, the eternal

Yes, the eternal For tomorrow is a new test.

What qualities must have a teacher? One of the key can be called honesty.

To live honestly, says Tolstoy, is torn, confused, make mistakes, and start throwing, and start again, and again throw, and always fight and rush.

Yes, the eternal struggle and rush is our teacher's fate.

We are contraindicated complacency and smugness.

If the base of the pyramid of all our teaching building we put the child's care, the development of his physical and spiritual inclinations, if believing in the student for any, even the most hopeless circumstances, will lead him to success, if we are honest with their people, if every step, word, action, look, a smile will relate to educate and be guided by it in our joint activities with the student, is our talent as a teacher will not dry and will grow and improve.

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